Learning. Leadership.

Do the hard work

Extreme animal lover, semi-pro musician, voracious reader and writer, dedicated educator, authentic lifelong learner, and deeply committed to leadership as service.

William (Bill) Siebold

Learning & Leadership for Humans

Professional Summary

Results-driven, highly successful professional with a notable background in managing first-rate academic programs. Knows what it takes to design and deliver curriculum to students from diverse backgrounds, enhance the overall student experience, and assess whether courses and programs generate intended student learning outcomes. Applies solid communication, interpersonal, and research skills across all organizational levels – and offers an unwavering commitment to consistently perform at the highest level of professional excellence.

Critical Analysis


Leadership as Service

Intuitive Reasoning


Strategic Budgeting | Planning

Issue Analysis | Resolution

Integrative Collaborations

Institutional Effectiveness | Metrics Analysis

Learning Management Systems | Student Information Systems

Assessment | Continuous Improvement

On the job:


I provide leadership directing, designing, implementing, assessing, and revising programs, projects, processes, services and operations impacting organizational success and mission fulfillment (big believer in a great mission statement)


I assume responsibility and accountability for long-range strategies, real-time operations, mediating and negotiating solutions, staff engagement and development.


I analyze and articulate program resource needs based on robust data, intuitive reasoning and collaborative, strategic negotiation of budget.


I investigate, mediate and resolve diverse and sometimes complex conflicts, grievances, and complaints related to the conduct and relationships of staff.


I show compassion for the integrity and well-being of all individuals, creating opportunities for enriched connections that contribute to building an enlightened community of excellence and success.


I develop great questions while searching paths less traveled for outstanding solutions and innovative futures.


I cut through prevarication, denial and the hubris of isolated arrogance. I say no to comfortable fictions, bureaucratic trivia and minor duplicities. I make it real.


I keep the moving parts moving. I do the hard work.


B.S. Geology

Oregon State University 1981

A.A.S. Chemical Technology

Alfred State University 1995

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