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  • The Mystery of Student Success (Not)

    It is clear that, in any discussion of student success and retention in higher education, the conversation must necessarily emphasize academic quality and the overall student perception of their experience, which must be understood both with sound quantitative analysis and reasoned intuition.

  • Am I showing love?

    I look back, past social media and easily bantered and shallow thoughts, to the core elements that bind and protect me. The first, and I think most important, is loving kindness. And it is that bit of thread that I have allowed to become unraveled.

  • Living makes it real.

    I understand the fundamental teachings of Jesus Christ as love generously and liberally given, tolerance of those who are different, kindness to the world and oneself, and forgiveness of those who oppose or hurt us. Jesus Christ tried to teach us to live with a spirit of caring that included everyone, embracing even those we perceive to be the lepers among us.

  • The Best Moments

    “The best moments in our lives are not the passive, receptive, relaxing times… The best moments usually occur if a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile.” ~ Mihaly Csikszentmihaly

  • Knowing Success as an Authentic Teacher

    But no matter what your occupation is, you have the opportunity in this life to create extraordinary learning experiences for those around you and, of course, for yourself. Never underestimate the powerful ties that bind leadership and learning together. Rooted in compassion, driven by passion and made real through rich interactions, teaching, learning and leadership are firmly embedded in the human experience.

  • Where Leadership Truly Resides

    I am left with a great sense of value and compassion, of pleasure and respect, for those good souls who bring great passion, commitment and character to their workplace. I have some who work for me, who report directly to me. In so many ways I have learned from them the true meaning of leadership.

  • Chaos at the edges of the system

    My role as a design manager is to create favorable environments of incubation, to stimulate innovation and enable the evolution and significantly, the realization, of powerful works. As a teacher, learner and leader, my focus remains insistently on designing processes based on human interactions, intuition and inspiration.

  • Believing in yourself

    We are surrounded by noise. Not just the acoustic noise of urban or suburban living, but the noise of a thousand, even a million voices directed at us every day, every hour and every minute. A bewildering onslaught of voices desperately persuading us to purchase, donate or otherwise send money. So much fear and anger. The noise is deafening.

  • Remarkable Beauty

    I can only say that to set a process in motion and watch it grow at the hands and hearts of highly creative people is a beautiful thing. And no matter how many opportunities I have had to do so, I have to admit that there is perhaps more magic than method to it.

  • The collaborations of a shared vision

    The “collaborations of a shared vision” are not the top-down mandated policies of an entrenched executive bureaucracy. They are the collaborations of those closest to the organization’s engine, the stuff of the organization’s business, and are driven by the passion by committed players to get it done right. A well-articulated Mission provides not just the benchmarks for process and procedure, but also acts as the moral and ethical compass of the organization.