Conspiring in our own diminishment

From one of my favorite authors, Parker Palmer: How many times have you watched people kill off creativity by treating traditional policies and practices as absolute constraints on what we can do? If we who are privileged find ourselves confined, it is only because we...

Music has the power

Music has the power to enrich lives. Children benefit from observing, listening to, and participating in musical activities.

My favorite quote on teaching & learning

The courage to teach is the courage to keep one’s heart open in those very moments when the heart is asked to hold more than it is able so that teacher and students and subject can be woven into the fabric of community that learning, and living, require.

The Best Moments

What do you want the days of your life to look like? Where do you want to spend them? Who do you want around you? These are some of the questions I offer up to challenge colleagues and students.

To Be Fearless

“To be fearless and have faith in the people around you! Not such a leap of faith, I think. If we bring the best of what makes us human to the table we can, and do, experience better outcomes. We learn about ourselves as individuals. We position ourselves to be part of the success of others. We create powerful work.”

Where Leadership Truly Resides

Each individual must reach deep within themselves to find the courage to lead. In the end, the leadership of success is found, by consensus, within a powerful community of mission-centric individuals, a cultural phenomenon that only the most insightful leaders acknowledge and ultimately achieve.