Including students in the process

“Students need to be aware of the process. To help build commitment to campus and education, perhaps providing students some insight into the thought process behind teaching, learning and the academic endeavor.

This is a quote by Bill Siebold

“Students need to be aware of the process. In recent years I have become interested in first-year student support and success. It is clear that an individual’s “soft skills,” or the affective domain, is critical to success in higher education. One component is the individual’s unique commitment to the learning process and that requires that the individual has a meta-awareness of his or her relationship with the learning process. Jargon for people need to know why they want to learn, what it means to learn, and be completely committed to the process.”

William (Bill) Siebold | Educator | Design Leader

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"As a lifelong learner and leader my purpose is to help others realize a creative life and to be a catalyst for success of those around me by example, through equitable interactions and with meaningful relationships.”

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