To Be Fearless

Leadership requires courage; the courage to imagine, to reflect, and to hold oneself accountable. It takes courage to listen to others, asking good questions and taking the road less traveled to define an outstanding vision.

This is a quote by Bill Siebold

β€œTo be fearless and have faith in the people around you! Not such a leap of faith, I think. If we bring the best of what makes us human to the table we can, and do, experience better outcomes. We learn about ourselves as individuals. We position ourselves to be part of the success of others. We create powerful work.”


William (Bill) Siebold | Educator | Design Leader

Cultivating creative lives of great intent for more than a decade

"As a lifelong learner and leader my purpose is to help others realize a creative life and to be a catalyst for success of those around me by example, through equitable interactions and with meaningful relationships.”

Featured image by: Priscilla Westra

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